Sometimes a regular leash is easier. So why complicate things? When that's all you need, the Ruff Cuff can just be a regular leash.

When it's time for a walk

and the leash holds onto you.

No need to "mummy wrap" the leash around your hand or worry your dog's gonna pull away from you. In about two seconds, the Loop becomes the Cuff & you don't have to fuss or fumble with the leash.

Walks are so much easier knowing the leash won't slip out of your hand. Even if your dog pulls at the worst possible time.


We've all been there. The one handed poop scoop, dropping our phone & keys, opening a door with our pinkies because our hands were full, with the Ruff Cuff just use your hands. Then when you're done, the leash naturally falls back to your hand.

The Cuff also has a thick layer of squishy foam for comfort. You actually forget you're holding a leash.

Do you run or hike

with your dog?


More Convenient, More Reactive

It's ready when you are. No need for a separate "running" leash and it's more reactive too. Just wave your arm when your dog gets too close to you. It's really quick & instinctive for when your dog sees a SQUIRREL! 

In 2 seconds,

it's a regular leash again.

You might have an emergency and need it off quick or you want to hand the leash off to a friend. So that had to be easy too.

Comes in Neon Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Grey

Created for Doggy Parents

by a Doggy Parent

Only use durable

but comfortable materials

Designed &

Manufactured in USA